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These cats are NOT YET AVAILABLE for homing.
However, if one of them steals your heart, then feel free to inform us of your interest.


These gorgeous babies are 6 weeks old, and have been in our care for a few weeks. They will be ready for rehoming in a few weeks time.

Currently, Noodle is the only kitten out of the litter who is not reserved.

(Noodle)                                                                        (Elvis) *RESERVED*


 (MARLEIGH) *RESERVED*                                      (JET) *RESERVED* 


These lovely black beauties came into our care at 3 days old, they are now 4 weeks old and growing up very quickly!

They won't be available for rehoming until at least 9 weeks of age, but we will keep you up to date on their journey in our care.

(Peanut) *RESERVED*


(Buddha) *RESERVED*


This dynamic duo are mother and son, Pippa came into our care pregnant and gave birth to Albie 4 weeks ago. She is only tiny herself, so one kitten was more than enough.

Pippa is incredibly friendly, and loves affection. Albie is starting to move around, and enjoys cuddles just like his mum. They won't be ready for rehoming until Albie is at least 9 weeks old.

We are currently holding a short waiting list for people wanting kittens. 

If you would like to register your interest in adopting a kitten or younger cat please contact us ( or 07741 510 799). 

We are also interested in potential owners for older cats.  All our cats are thoroughly vet checked before being declared fit for homing including senior cats. 

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  1. Hi - My name is Laura - I have a home with my husband, our two children (aged 7 and near 5) and 2 wonderful cats (age 7 and 2). We have rescued 3 cats (loki are 2 year old was the last) - I have grown up with cats my whole life and my two children have now too! I absolutely love little mans face - he looks absolutely gorgeous. I also would love to maybe home an older cat that may not likely have a forever home otherwise. I could not work out how to send you a private email xx